EQ IS THE FUTURE OF Functional Neurological Assessment.

FDA listed as a Class II 510(K) Exempt device
Clinically derived tests
Fun for the test taker
Use on yourself, your children, or your teams

EQ's quick mobile tests help us make confident decisions
about our athlete's brain health and performance.

Ceilidh Price - Festival Director - WickFest

Works for Any Size
Organization or Family

Used by clinics, sports leagues & teams, schools, parents or or individuals with general concern about their brain performance.

Seven Tests Across
Three Clinical Trajectories

Clinically derived tests for cognitive, balance, and visual function.

Results and Analytics

View results immediately in-app or dive deeper on our web dashboard

Management System

Ensure athletes/patients are up to date with testing before their next game or appointment

Ongoing Baseline Testing
and Record Keeping

Engaging games means better compliance for ongoing testing and a better record of athlete/patient health.

Apple Health and Google Fit Integration (Coming Soon)

EQ integrates with Healthkit and Google Fit to bring further data to your fingertips by tracking your activity and sleeping patterns.

How it works

Start testing, while healthy, in under 5 minutes.

Register for EQ

Register on our dashboard to start adding athletes or patients, or download from the app store to use on your family or self.

Monitor Progress

Monitor Progress

Set your testing schedule, send reminders
and create a healthy range of results.


Make data-driven assessments

If an injury or illness occurs, use EQ and share
the results with a qualified practitioner.

Our Partners

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